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Our Mission

The mission of StudyEnjoy is to improve the living environment of students by offering accommodation at € 1 per day through the exchange of housing.

Our Commitment

StudyEnjoy is a community that is part of a new trend: collaborative consumption. It allows students to exchange their room or accommodation for housing in another city or country without paying rent. This community is based on solidarity, sharing and mutual assistance among its members. StudyEnjoy is a system that offers an alternative solution to existing offers in the student housing market and:

Reassures parents who let their child leave the family home for the first time since they have the opportunity to send it to another family and thus know that it will be surrounded.

Allows everyone to focus on their studies without having to take on a student job and thus facilitates success.

Connect people around the world. Our project aims to foster openness to others and cultural enrichment, both of which are now essential in the world of work and are encouraged by schools.

Our cause

In our opinion, access to housing should not be an obstacle to the pursuit of studies and the success of students.Inequalities and injustices, whether financial, geographical or social, must not be a hindrance to further education. Today a student leaving the family home spends between 15 and 30 000 euros, to stay during the period of his studies. Three quarters of them are obliged to work in parallel with their studies to assume a rent that represents more than 50% of their annual budget.

They are also confronted with their new independence: limited budget, demanding subjects of study, pressure of competitions, difficulty finding housing, rent financing, need to take a student job to support themselves. As for parents who have to leave their children to leave the family home to continue their studies, many concerns arise: the welcome and security of their child, their ability to pay for the departure (cost of studies, rent, Cost of living) ...

This financial constraint is a source of anguish for parents and students, so our actions tend to alleviate this pressure by removing the expense of rent to improve their living environment.

Our Values ​​

  • Solidarity: This value is at the heart of our community. Indeed the very foundations of StudyEnjoy are mutual support, sharing and respect among its members.
  • Trust: whether it is our team or our members, we want to surround ourselves with people of trust. Our teams are committed to ensuring client follow-up and verification of all the ads posted so that the community can grow with peace of mind.
  • Opening: The StudyEnjoy community promotes openness and cultural enrichment through international exchanges. Breaking the borders
  • Commitment: StudyEnjoy is surrounded by committed people who are fully involved in this project, which aims to improve students living conditions by removing the financial burden of rent. StudyEnjoy is committed to students by offering them an alternative system to existing proposals in the student housing market.
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