Chart of good conduct

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StudyEnjoy is a community that allows its members to find a living space near their place of study, internship, language course, exam or even gap year, anywhere and anytime. In return, each member is required to share a space with the community. StudyEnjoy is more than a home exchange website. It's a community with one goal in mind: making students' lives easier.

With, our students are exchanging: housing will always be free. Our Students do not pay for accommodation. Cohabitation ought to be friendly, with no relationship of subordination between host and guest but rather a friendly and family-like relationship. To be able to use our services, members must read and agree with our chart of good conduct. This chart was developed to define the roles, rights and obligations of all members. Its acceptance validates your desire to participate in the development of a new type of economic and social project.

By facilitating student housing, we wish to:

  • Provide a new alternative to the shortage of housing for students.
  • Create or mend social links between people.
  • Participate in and promote international studies, in a spirit of tolerance and discovery. We believe that travelling is essential to a wholesome education.
  • Help intergenerational and international relationships, by promoting dialogue, solidarity and mutual understanding.

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