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StudyEnjoy offers an innovative service to students who wish to book their accommodation online. The booking process is fast, payment is secure, and allows students to find accommodation quickly and easily anywhere in the world.
A landlord is a private individual who has a property that he leases. He is not a professional. As such, he can not ask for a booking fee or a booking fee.
The platform is reserved for students Moreover, as real estate professionals (a real estate agency or a student residence manager), or as owners, you can have access to the platform. To do this, log in, then go to the Owners areas with your credentials. If you are not yet a StudyEnjoy partner, you can contact us via
Of course ! You can search for your accommodation abroad by indicating the city where you wish to stay. Enter the city of your search in the "Location" field. A selection of corresponding ads will appear.
By linking your Facebook account to your StudyEnjoy account, you can save time. Indeed, you will be able to connect more quickly to the platform and your profile will be completed automatically.
Every member says Students who is renting a home from a member says Owner is able to rate it and leave a review. This rating and ratings are visible to all users of StudyEnjoy.
To close your StudyEnjoy account, simply send a request by email. If you only want to remove your accommodation, so that it is no longer visible to other members, click on "The accommodation that I propose" then on "Delete" or put in "Invisible".
To take advantage of all our services, it is important that you validate your profile. A validated profile allows us to guarantee the quality of the online housing and the security of the users. To obtain the validation, you need: (in jpeg format)
  • Provide a profile picture
  • Confirm your phone number and your email address.
  • provide a proof of address
  • Provide a piece of identification. Note that this information will always remain private, and we will not disseminate under any circumstances (except for the profile photo).
Our privacy policy requires us not to disclose the address of the desired accommodation. Therefore, to allow you to visualize the location of the dwelling, we indicate the area, the neighborhood in which the dwelling is located..
StudyEnjoy's primary ambition is to improve the living conditions of students. Our target is therefore largely student. Indeed, student mobility is growing and they are increasingly in need of housing solutions adapted to this problem.

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