Application and Definitions

The room exchange service www.studyenjoy.com is managed by StudyEnjoy, a company with a capital of 35,000 euros and registered office at 6 Rue René Viviani, Immeuble KANOA, 44 200 Nantes. It is registered with the Trade Register Companies of Nantes under the personal identification number 811 016 013 (hereinafter referred to as "StudyEnjoy" or "the Company").

To date,

Deposit refers to the deposit service proposed by StudyEnjoy on the site, which allows a Host to ask the Guest, after the latter has closed a contract of exchange for his room, a guarantee in case of impairment of the property and/or its furniture and/or of the theft/loss of the latter.

GTU refers to these Terms and Conditions of Use.

User Account indicates the account created to allow a Visitor to become a Member and access the services provided by the website.

Exchange refers to the agreement to use a home free of charge by a Host Member and a Guest Member subject to the provisions of Article 1875 and the French Civil Code. The exchange can be both reciprocal and non-reciprocal with another. To simplify the reading of the TOS, each unilateral lending transaction will be referred to as the "Exchange".

Member refers to any person who registers on the site and, to this end, agrees to these Terms & Conditions. The Member has access to ads published on the Website and may consult these ads. He could also be asked to update the calendar of his room. Members are subject to a number of obligations and prohibitions listed below in these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Host Member refers to any person registered on the Site who decides to publish an ad in order to provide their home for an Exchange. The Host Member enters into a brokerage contract with StudyEnjoy to provide standard services and to offer a number of optional services for a fee. The Host Member has access to the messaging service and information to enable him to contact other Host Members as well as Guest Members according to the services defined below. Host Members alone decide when their house is available to Guest Members.

Guest Member refers to any member who decides to enter into a contract of Exchange with a Host Member and takes advantage of the house offered for Exchange by the latter. The Guest Member enters into a brokerage contract with StudyEnjoy to provide standard services and to offer a number of optional services for a fee. The Guest Member has access to the messaging service and information to enable him to contact other Guest Members as well as Host Members. Guest Members alone decide on the finalization of the Exchange service with Host Members.

Room refers to the real estate that the Member owns or is a tenant in.

Service Indicates any service provided by StudyEnjoy through the Site to a Member in conformity with the brokerage contract, given that StudyEnjoy is never a party to the contract of Exchange.

Site indicates the www.studyenjoy.com site and more generally any site published or co-published by www.studyenjoy.com

The Company indicates StudyEnjoy

StudyEnjoy or The Company indicates the company providing the service of room exchange on the www.studyenjoy.com site.

Verification indicates the service offered by the Site, which consists in verifying the legitimacy of the identity declared by the Members by examining copies of identity documents supplied by the Member, as well as documentation displaying a proof of address, where the address matches the one indicated in the listing on the site.

Visitor indicates every person who visits the Site without joining and without accepting these General Terms of Use.

Acceptance of Terms of Use

Access to the site StudyEnjoy.com subject to the conditions mentioned in this document. The use or display of the Services provided by the website StudyEnjoy.com involve an agreement between YOU and this document, that is to say, User Services StudyEnjoy.com (ie YOU) undertakes to comply with these Terms of Use.

If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you should immediately disconnect from the website www.studyenjoy.com.

Description of Services

StudyEnjoy.com offers, free of charge and without registration, the possibility of seeing ads proposed by students rooms. To offer rooms on the website StudyEnjoy.com it is mandatory to become "Official Member". To contact one of the "Official Member" should be itself an "Official Member" of the site. The results that are provided are not exhaustive of all the offers available on the Internet and from data collected by StudyEnjoy.com with members he referenced.

The order of default offers data may depend on several factors depending on the type of search you perform. The update offers is performed daily. If you then want to share your room or the service you have selected, you will need to contact the member of your choice.

Members offering rooms are third parties. Also, StudyEnjoy.com does not guarantee and is not able to guarantee the exchange you want to achieve. These are the members of the site the only guarantors of trade. StudyEnjoy.com also offers free information on cities, tourist guides or the location on a map of the new room and gives you the ability to view and write reviews on rooms and other site members listed on the website StudyEnjoy.com.

If you want to issue a Notice, you have a legal obligation to identify and acceptance of Terms & Conditions StudyEnjoy.com available in this document. Do not post personal information (address or phone number for example). Do not use profane words, defamatory and irrelevant. We reserve the right to remove any review that does not comply with these conditions. We are in no way responsible for opinions posted by users. If you see a review that is illegal, you can report it in "Contact Us" so we can take appropriate action. StudyEnjoy.com makes no warranty as to the content of the Notice of Users.

Your contractual relationships with StudyEnjoy.com are exclusively governed by these Terms of Use. Services are intended solely for users as individuals acting unprofessional. So you forbid any commercial use or profit of all or part of the Services or access to the Services. Counseling StudyEnjoy.com are free but access to the site www.studyenjoy.com is the responsibility of the users of the site. We reserve the right to prohibit use of the site StudyEnjoy.com to people, without warning, if they do not meet site conditions, or were misused.

StudyEnjoy.com does not guarantee the operation, availability, accuracy of the information contained on the website, provided by members of the site. StudyEnjoy.com reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently all or part of the Services way to terminate all or part of the right to access, remove or move any Content on Services, the right to discontinue providing the Services, if necessary, without prior notice and without this entitlement to benefits. Consulting offers on StudyEnjoy.com site is optional. Site users www.studyenjoy.com are required to register on the site to offer their room and contact other members.

Service "Official Member Site StudyEnjoy.com"

Conditions for granting the status of "Official Member" of the site StudyEnjoy.com:

The Benefits of a "Official Member"

As an official member of StudyEnjoy you get benefits on the site

StudyEnjoy is a new community for its student members to stay free during their studies, internships, language exchange, holidays, weekends, throughout the world, sharing their family rooms. Collaborative consumption service dedicated to students that fits perfectly with the new consumer trends.

StudyEnjoy is not a site, it is a community to facilitate studies and usability. StudyEnjoy allows students to find a room in a family close to their place of study, as it is in France and across the world. In return, their parents put the empty room left their child, providing a student. It is an exchange that can make big savings (over housing costs) and parents are reassured that their child home in their new place of study. Also, StudyEnjoy also allows you to find a room in a family for internships, language exchange, holidays and weekends. StudyEnjoy just change the way housing during the studies. The cost of an academic year for a student who left home varies between 10,500 and 15,500 per year. Housing, primarily responsible for the increase of the invoice of the season, remains the largest item of expenditure of a student and represents 55% of its total budget. The period during which parents and students had to spend large sums housing while leaving their own home vacant room is gone.

What are the steps to exchange family room?

Motivates me to register on StudyEnjoy

  1. Having free accommodation for the duration of my studies. I create my account on the site.
  2. Once given my room, and my profile is validated by the site, I get an "official member" of StudyEnjoy and I have access to all information room that interest me (Family Description / Location / Contact).
  3. I am able to communicate with the host of the room that interests me and make an appointment telephone, Skype, or physics to nearby towns.
  4. Both parties know and agree on dates of stay for study, internships, language exchange, holidays, weekends and details that seem to them important.
  5. Whether the host accepts the exchange, the exchange is completed immediately. The host can not accept exchange on the same dates.
  6. Consequently host student can turn if it has not already done so, start looking for a family room.
  7. At the end of the exchange., Each member evaluates the host or the guest, this paper contributes to the assessment of members and a reliable indicator for future interchanges.

NB: Exchanges are not required to be between two members. Example: Lyon student who went to study in Bordeaux leaves his room at Nantes who himself lends his room at Bordeaux and so on.

On and Flexible

The principle is simple StudyEnjoy Site: The site provides all members of student contact information, a detailed description of their family, their home and the room they offer. Students then decide among themselves who they wish to exchange their room. Before implementation of the exchange, a meeting may be considered as for hotels, family rooms have controls from our website to reassure students and their parents but also to avoid unpleasant surprises.

At what point am I really StudyEnjoy member? You are an official member of StudyEnjoy when we validate your room.

As an official member of StudyEnjoy you get benefits on the site:

Save Money

From the moment it is an exchange, housing is free. Students and parents do not pay for occupying the room. Thus, a student seeking Angers accommodation in Lille, Lille will be accommodated free of charge for the duration of his studies. In return, the parents agree to host a student in Angers (it comes from Lille or another region). Also, students can find a free room in addition to the studies, internships, language exchange, holidays, weekends - Benefit from the "Sponsorship" service.

For official Members StudyEnjoy.com undertakes to verify the following information:

We can not be held responsible for any financial or commercial loss, any damage to reputation, or any direct or indirect loss resulting from your use of StudyEnjoy.com. In particular, StudyEnjoy.com can not be held responsible for any damage to your property or other damage suffered by you or third parties following a stay of members StudyEnjoy in this property. Similarly StudyEnjoy.com can not be held liable for any damages incurred by you or third parties as part of a stay in another Member StudyEnjoy.com.

StudyEnjoy.com reserves the right to remove a member if it does not meet the conditions of use of the service or be detrimental to the operation of the service, such as abuse of fraudulent click search engines and use of robots or automated computer programs.

Proposal Room Service

How to find my free room for my studies, my internships, my language exchange, my vacation, my weekends:

  1. I create my account and I propose my own family room.
  2. Validate my StudyEnjoy profile and my room.
  3. Available dates I propose my room.
  4. I can contact other members.
  5. I find my happiness and make it someone else.

StudyEnjoy is a new community for its student members to stay free during their studies, internships, language exchange, holidays, weekends, throughout the world, sharing their family rooms. Collaborative consumption service dedicated to students that fits perfectly with the new consumer trends. Access to the site, consultation and its use are subject to unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use.

You can redeem as many times as you wish. Your ad remains on the site for one year, the time of your subscription. When you submit your room on our website, you must specify the calendar dates of your absence.

The dissemination of adverts rooms:

Thus, the Advertiser specifically agrees that the Ad does not contain:

In this context, the Advertiser represents and agrees that it is solely responsible for the content of the ads they publish and make available to users, as well as any document or information it provides to users. Advertiser assumes all responsibility for the editorial content of the ads they publish. This ensures StudyEnjoy.com against any sentence that could be imposed on him of this fact and expressly disclaims any liability StudyEnjoy.com it might incur.

Any announcement is broadcast, from the date of filing, for a maximum of one year. StudyEnjoy reserves the right to remove without notice or compensation or reimbursement right, any ad that does not conform to the dissemination of the Service and / or would be likely to prejudice the rights of a third party. As a host, StudyEnjoy.com is subject to a system of diminished responsibility under Articles 6.I.2. and following of Act No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy.

StudyEnjoy.com therefore not in any way responsible for the content of ads published by Advertisers and gives no warranty, express or implied, in this regard. StudyEnjoy.com can not be held responsible for the content published in an announcement. Similarly, StudyEnjoy.com can not be held liable for any damages whatsoever, and in particular for any direct or indirect damages, including loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (and although StudyEnjoy.com was advised of the possibility of such damages) that may arise from the use or otherwise of the inability to use the service. StudyEnjoy.com can finally be held responsible for costs that may arise due to exchange rooms or substitute services resulting from the purchase of goods or services, receive messages or to transactions that occurred during use of the service following an unauthorized user access service. StudyEnjoy.com makes no warranties or representations whatsoever with regard to any service provided or offered by a member, and you acknowledge that any information on representations and warranties provided by any member shall be at your own risk. StudyEnjoy.com is a third party connections and relationships between Advertisers and Users, and therefore excludes all liability in this regard. Students must respect the values of the site. No deviation is tolerated in order to maintain an excellent service for members of the site. Respect for others and trust are the watchwords of the site.

Student members must respect the values of the site:

Privacy / Data Protection

1. Definition and nature of personal data

StudyEnjoy.com offers, free of charge and without registration, various search capabilities to find by keyword or category of products, goods or services identified. To use the service on the website StudyEnjoy.com including "exchange room" (alert E - mail), we may ask you to provide us with personal data. The term "personal data" means all data that identifies an individual, which is including your name, phone number, date of birth, email address, and all data you choose to share with us about you.

2. Subject to this Charter

This charter is to inform you on how we are implementing to collect your personal data in the strictest respect for your rights. We tell you about that we comply in the collection and management of your personal data, the law n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, in its current version. Registration CNIL declaration n ° 1858617

3. Identity of the data collection

The person responsible for the collection of your personal data on the Website is: StudyEnjoy SAS at 6 Rue René Viviani, Immeuble KANOA, 44 200 Nantes.

4. Access to your personal data

According to the "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6th 1978, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to the information about you. If you wish to exercise this right and obtain information about you, please contact:

5. Collection of personal data

Your personal data will be collected to meet one or more of following purposes.

6. Recipients of the data collected

The categories of persons who have access to your personal data, within the limits of their respective powers, the commercial service, administrative services, computer services, responsible for monitoring (auditor, services responsible for internal procedures control, etc ...) and outside companies contractually bound to us for the execution of a contract.

Can also be recipients of your personal data public bodies, only to meet legal obligations, judicial officers, judicial officers and agencies to perform debt collection.

7. Shelf life of personal data

Your personal data will not be retained beyond the time necessary to manage our business relationship with you and for prospecting operations, beyond the period for which data are needed to achieve thereof. Your personal data will be deleted no later than 24 (twenty four) months after our last contact with you or when you have not responded to two successive requests, except those necessary to establish proof a law or a contract that can be legally archived for ten years.

8. Security

We advise you to take every precaution to protect the safety of your personal data and in particular, prevent them from being distorted, damaged or that unauthorized parties have access.

9. Cookies

To better serve you, we measure the number of pages viewed, the number of visits and visitor activity on the site and how often they return. For this purpose, we use a technology called "cookies".

A cookie does not allow us to identify you. Generally speaking, it records information about the navigation of your computer on our site (the pages you have visited, the date and time of visit, etc..) That we can read during your subsequent visits. In this case, it contains the information that you provided us. So you will not need during your next visit to refill the form that we have proposed. The shelf life of this information in your computer depends on how often you purge your temporary files and can not be more than 3 months.

We inform you that you may oppose the registration of "cookies" by configuring your browser as follows.

For Mozilla Firefox:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0:

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5:

For Netscape 6.X and 7.X.:

For Opera 6.0 and beyond:

10. Consent

When you choose to disclose your personal data to the Site, you expressly give your consent to the collection and use of your personal data in accordance with what is stated in this Charter and the laws.

11. Protection of minors

Some services provide access to exclusive content for adults and whose access is restricted to users 18 years and older. A warning message when accessing Fig. Adults having custody of minors are required to monitor their Internet use and they are responsible for the choices of services and applications they deem suitable for these minors.

Use of Advertising

The site owner StudyEnjoy.com reserves the right to include advertising or advertising on StudyEnjoy.com site or in e-mail messages sent to users.

Copyright 5

It is prohibited to use partially or fully reproduce the information and publications StudyEnjoy.com website without prior agreement.

Registered Trademark

StudyEnjoy is a registered trademark. The use of the mark "StudyEnjoy" is prohibited without our permission. The concept StudyEnjoy been intellectual property.


Using StudyEnjoy.com site, you agree to provide accurate and truthful information. StudyEnjoy.com can not be responsible for the content of messages, photographs, or other materials transmitted or exchanged on site. All this information is the responsibility of the user sending the message.

Website users are therefore undertakes not to use it contrary to a regulation or law, and in particular does not provide data:

So on the site are prohibited vulgarity, defamatory, offensive or illegal and you agree not to act contrary to the laws and regulations, and generally respect the site's users.

Use of the Service is at the risk and peril of the user. The Service is provided "as is". The site owner StudyEnjoy.com can not be held responsible for any loss or damage consequential users use the site. StudyEnjoy.com disclaims any responsibility for the consequences arising from the use of this site. We also disclaim any responsibility if, for reasons beyond our control, announcements and associated data were deleted. StudyEnjoy.com can not be held responsible for the presentation of products and services offerings provided by the Merchant, control or use of products from merchants listed on our site.

Modification of Terms of Use

StudyEnjoy.com can modify or update the site content at any time and www.studyenjoy.com without warning users of the site. The only way to stay informed is to connect regularly on this page. Effective and Last Modified Date: 25/05/2015

Fare conditions and terms of payment

How much should I pay for a reservation ?

For each reservation there are two types of fees you have to pay:

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are quoted in euros (EUR).

Final Provisions


Under Article 1316 and following the Civil Code, the Member acknowledges and agrees that: The information provided by the Company via email and on the Site is valid between the parties and maintains the same validity as that written in the manuscript;

All data collected in permanent, reliable, and secure form in the database of the Company, regarding in particular orders and confirmations received from the Member, notifications sent, accesses, data withdrawals, and refunds, is valid between the parties until proven otherwise.

Additional Legal Information

The site is hosted by


In case of contradiction between a translation and the French version, only the latter shall prevail.


These Terms of Use and the relationship between USERS StudyEnjoy.com and are subject to French law. In case of dispute, the User StudyEnjoy.com and endeavor to seek an amicable solution. Otherwise, the dispute shall be brought before the court of Nantes.