Why join StudyEnjoy?

Our Mission

StudyEnjoy is a community dedicated to students that offers a real alternative to the problem of housing during studies. Our international community aims at facilitating student accommodation as well as transfers and visits around the world. StudyEnjoy enables you to find a room in the house or apartment of one of the members, close from where you're studying, doing your internship or spending your language study holiday. In return, all you have to do is to offer a room / accommodation to the community.

Why join the StudyEnjoy community?

You are a student or a student's parent and you are worried about the budget that studies will represent?

If so, then StudyEnjoy is made for you.

Actually, did you know that, for a European student who has left home, a year at university may cost anywhere between €10 500 and €15 500? Accommodation is the largest associated cost of bills and represents around 55% of the overall budget. Why pay extra rent when you can exchange your room with another student who, like you, is in need of a solution?

Moreover, as well as saving, the parents of the youngest StudyEnjoyers will feel better regarding their children's safety away from home.

Beyond studies, a student's journey is paved with exchange programs, internships, language studies and much more. StudyEnjoy is the perfect partner for all these potential trips.

All you have to do is offer your room / accommodation. You don't have any room to offer? Why not ask a grandparent, uncle, aunt or anyone who might have a free room to offer on your behalf?

What are the steps to an exchange with StudyEnjoy?

  1. I would like to benefit from free accommodation for the time of my studies, my internship, my language study holiday... I create my account on the website.
  2. Once my accommodation and my profile have been validated by studyenjoy my profile and my offer are shared with the community and I have access to all the information about the rooms I might be interested in (Description of the family/Location/Contact via the anonymous messaging service).
  3. I can communicate with members whose offers I'm interested in and pre organise my stay. We agree on the dates and the details that seem important.
  4. Agreement on the exchange : if the host agrees on the exchange, the exchange becomes immediately complete and the host can't accept any more offers on the same dates. StudyEnjoy will charge me 1€ per night. StudyEnjoy will also facilitate the payment of expenses incurred by myself during my stay (breakfast, electricity, water bill) so that there is no awkward "who owes what?" moment. This will also allow StudyEnjoy to make sure I am well looked after.
  5. At the end of the exchange, both the host and the guest are going to assess one another. These reviews will show on their profiles and will offer an invaluable "trust" indicator.
    NB: The exchanges are not limited between two members, they are not necessarily mutual. Ex : If you go to London, you won't necessarily share your accommodation with a Londoner .

Safe & Legal

The principle of StudyEnjoy is simple: As a StudyEnjoyer, you can search for accomodation and communicate with members whose offers you are interested in. StudyEnjoy will not share your personal information with other parties.

As an official member you benefit from the following advantages:

StudyEnjoy commits itself to secure your information and to keep them strictly confidential:

Save Money

As this is an exchange, the accommodation is free. Not only won't the students pay for the accommodation but they will also save on underlying charges such as moving in costs, deposit, council tax.... Save your time and energy, StudyEnjoy will find the right place for you.